TSP Full Form – All About Tribal Sub-Plan

TSP Full Form: TSP stands for Tribal Sub-Plan. It is a term related to Governmental, Useful Terms and Definitions which we use in daily life but we do not know their full name, Here’s a list of important abbreviations that you should know.

AcronymFull Form
Full FormTribal Sub-Plan

What is full form of TSP?

The full form of TSP is the Tribal Sub-Plan. Tribal Sub-Plan (TSP) is a strategic policy initiative designed to secure the overall development of scheduled tribes of India.

Here you learn the full name and complete information of Tribal Sub-Plan, if you have questions and answers related to TSP, then tell us your thoughts in the comment, know the complete information about TSP in this article.

You Need to Know:

The meaning of the TSP was also explained above. So far, you might have some idea about the acronym, abbreviation, or What Is the Full Form of TSP? What does TSP mean? explained above.

  • TSP: Thrift Savings Plan
  • TSP: Trisodium Phosphate
  • TSP: Tribal Sub-Plan
  • TSP: Telephony Service Provider
  • TSP: Tunnel Setup Protocol
What means of TSP area?

Tribal Sub Plan: The Rajasthan government has reissued a notification for Tribal Sub Plan (TSP) areas, reserving 45% jobs for Scheduled Tribe (ST) and 5% for Scheduled Caste (SC) candidates in all direct recruitment, except the State Services.

What is TSP in Rajasthan je?

TSP means tribal sub plans area these are the villages of Rajasthan which contain more than 50% population of tribal people. The governement of India has declared 5697 villages Rajasthan as TSP areas.


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