TDMA Full Form – Time Division Multiple Access

TDMa stands for Time Division Multiple Access. It is a Communication related term, Here you learn the full name and complete information of Time Division Multiple Access.

TermFull Form
TDMaTime Division Multiple Access

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Full Form of TDMA

The full form of TDMa is the Time Division Multiple Access.

What is TDMA

Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) is a channel access method for shared media networks. It allows multiple users to share the same frequency channel by dividing the signal into different time intervals.It is a communications technique whereby the total capacity of a transmission channel is shared among multiple users, assigning each one a unique time slot.


  • It makes one carrier frequency available to multiple users
  • Discontinuous transmission makes transmission easier
  • Slots can be assigned on demand in dynamic TDMA
  • Less stringent power control than CDMA and FDMA due to less intracellular cell interference
  • Higher sync load than CDMA
  • Advanced equalization may be necessary for high data rates if the channel is “Frequency Selective” and causes intersymbol interference
  • Cellular respiration (borrowing resources from neighboring cells) is more complicated than with CDMA
  • Complexity of frequency / slot allocation
  • Pulsating power envelope: interference with other devices


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