OSS Full Form – Operation and Support System

OSS stands for Operation and Support System. It is a Software related term, Here you learn the full name and complete information of Operation and Support System.

TermFull Form
OSSOperation and Support System

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Full Form of OSS

The full form of OSS is the Operation and Support System. An operations support system (OSS) is a software component that enables a service provider to monitor, control, analyze, and manage the services on its network.

Operation and Support System

Open Digital Architecture (ODA) offers an industry-agreed blueprint, language and set of key design principles to follow.

It will provide pragmatic pathways for the journey from maintaining monolithic, legacy software solutions, towards managing nimble, cloud based capabilities that can be orchestrated using AI. It is a reference architecture that maps TM Forum’s Open APIs against technical and business platform functions.

History of OSS

Before about 1970, many OSS activities were performed by manual administrative processes. However, it became obvious that much of this activity could be replaced by computers.

In the next 5 years or so, the telephone companies created a number of computer systems (or software applications) which automated much of this activity. This was one of the driving factors for the development of the Unix operating system and the C programming language.

The Bell System purchased their own product line of PDP-11 computers from Digital Equipment Corporation for a variety of OSS applications.

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