NSS full form – Network Switching Subsystem

Full Form of NSS

The full form of NSS is the Network switching subsystem.

NSSNetwork switching subsystem

What is NSS

The network switching subsystem is the component of a GSM system that performs call and mobility management functions for mobile phones roaming in the base station network.It is owned and implemented by mobile phone operators and enables mobile devices to communicate with each other and with phones on the broader public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Functions of NSS

  • Call control
    This identifies the subscriber, establishes a call, and clears the connection after the conversation is over.
  • Charging
    This collects the charge information of a call (the caller and called party numbers, the time and type of transaction, etc.) and transfers it to the Billing Center.
  • Mobility management
    This maintains information about the subscriber’s location.
  • Signaling
    This applies to the interfaces to BSS and PSTN.
  • Subscriber data handling
    This is the permanent data storage in the HLR and the temporary storage of relevant data in the VLR.

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