NIA Full Form – National Investigation Agency

Full Form of NIA

The full form of NIA is the National Investigation Agency.

NIANational Investigation Agency
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What is NIA

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is India’s counter-terrorism task force. The agency is empowered to deal with terrorism-related crimes in the states without the special permission of the states.

The agency came into existence on 31 December 2008 with the enactment of the National Investigation Agency Act 2008 by the Parliament of India, which was passed after the deadly 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai.

NIA (Amendment) Bill 2019

The NIA (Amendment) Bill 2019 was passed by the Parliament on 17 July 2019. The aim of this bill is to further strengthen the investigative powers of the NIA. It empowers the NIA to investigate terrorist attacks targeting Indians and Indian interests abroad.

The amended law, aimed primarily at empowering an anti-terrorism agency to investigate scheduled crimes such as human trafficking, circulation of counterfeit currency, manufacture and sale of prohibited weapons, And Cyber-Terrorism was passed in Lok Sabha with a majority of 278 votes in favor and 6 against.

It was also passed in Rajya Sabha, people staged a walkout in protest. This amendment would now also allow the NIA to investigate the Sri Lanka Easter bombings and the Kabul Gurudwara bombing.

NIC Vision

The agency aims to be a fully professional investigative agency matching the best international standards. It aims at setting standards of excellence in terrorism and other national security related investigations at the national level by developing into a highly trained, partnership oriented workforce. It also aims to create resistance to existing and potential terrorist groups/individuals. It aims to develop into a repository of all terrorist related information.

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What is NIA’s job?

National Investigation Agency (NIA) – 9 Quick Facts. NIA is the central counter-terrorism law enforcement agency in the country. It was created in 2008 after the Mumbai terror attack in the same year. NIA can investigate terror cases across the country without taking permission from the states.

How can I contact Nia?

If you have any query, please call on 011-24368800 or mail at your identity will be kept secret

Do NIA’s CI carry guns?

He also kept a very low profile and did not care about his appearance. This is one reason why he had no weapon on the night he was attacked, thinking there was no need for it. Ali said that these characteristics made him popular among his family and friends.

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