NAC Full Form – All About N-Acetylcysteine

NAC stands for N-Acetylcysteine. It is a term related to Medicines & Drugs, Useful Terms and Definitions which we use in daily life but we do not know their full name, Here’s a list of important abbreviations that you should know.

AcronymFull Form
Full FormN-Acetylcysteine
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What is full form of NAC?

The full form of NAC is the N-Acetylcysteine. N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) is a medication that helps the body to produce glutathione. Glutathione (GSH) is an important antioxidant.

Here you learn the full name and complete information of N-Acetylcysteine, if you have questions and answers related to NAC, then tell us your thoughts in the comment, know the complete meaning of NAC in this article.

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Is NAC safe to take daily?

There is no recommended daily allowance for NAC, because unlike vitamins, it’s not an essential nutrient. The dosage used to prevent radio contrast dye damage is 600 mg to 1200 mg every 12 hours for 48 hours.

How does N-acetyl cysteine NAC work?

Nacetyl cysteine (NAC), as a nutritional supplement, is a greatly applied antioxidant in vivo and in vitro. NAC is a precursor of Lcysteine that results in glutathione elevation biosynthesis. It acts directly as a scavenger of free radicals, especially oxygen radicals. NAC is a powerful antioxidant.

Is N-acetyl L cysteine the same as NAC?

NacetylcysteineNacetylcysteineNacetyl cysteine, and NacetylLcysteine are all designations for the same compound, which is abbreviated as NACNAC is a precursor to the amino acid cysteine, which ultimately plays two key metabolic roles.


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