IPCP Full Form – Internet Protocol Control Protocol

The full form of IPCP is the Internet Protocol Control Protocol. Internet Protocol Control (TCP) is a network control protocol for establishing and configuring an Internet protocol over a point-to-point protocol link.

IPCPInternet Protocol Control Protocol

What is IPCP

IPCP is responsible for configuring the IP addresses, as well as enabling and disabling the IP protocol modules at both ends of the point-to-point link. IPCP uses the same packet exchange mechanism as Link Control Protocol.

IPCP packets cannot be exchanged until (Point-to-Point Protocol)PPP has reached the Network Layer Protocol phase, and any IPCP packets received before this phase is reached must be silently discarded. IPCP has the NCP protocol code number 0x8021.

Internet Protocol Setting Meaning

Internet Protocol Configuration is a Windows console application that has the ability to collect all data related to the current Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) settings and then display these data on a screen.

Configuration also updates Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) settings each time they are invoked. When invoked without additional parameters, Configuration simply displays the IP address, default gateway, and subnet mask of all available adapters.

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