IP Full Form – internet Protocol

IP stands for Internet Protocol. It is a Technology related term, Here you learn the full name and complete information of Internet Protocol.

TermFull Form
IPInternet Protocol

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Full Form of IP

The full form of IP is the Internet Protocol.The Internet Protocol is the main communication protocol in the suite of Internet protocols for passing datagrams across network boundaries. Its routing function enables it to work on the network and essentially establishes the Internet.

Internet Protocol

IP stands for Internet Protocol and refers to a name or label given to any device that communicates with each other on a computer network. It consists of a 32-bit number.Internet Protocol (IP) is a communications protocol for exchanging data between one computer to another on the Internet. it is probably be your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Working of IP address

If you want to understand why a particular device isn’t connecting as expected, or if you want to troubleshoot why your network might be down, it helps to understand how IP addresses work.

The Internet Protocol works just like any other language, communicating using established information transfer guidelines. All devices search, send and exchange information with other connected devices using this protocol. Speaking the same language, any computer in any location can talk to each other.

Types of IP addresses

  • Consumer IP addresses
  • Private IP addresses
  • Public IP address
  • Dynamic IP address
  • statics IP address
  • shared IP address
  • Dedicated IP address

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