CDPD Full Form – Cellular Digital Packet Data

CDPD stands for Cellular Digital Packet Data. It is a Communication related term, Here you learn the full name and complete information of Cellular Digital Packet Data.

TermFull Form
CDPDCellular Digital Packet Data

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Full Form of CDPD

The full form of CDPD is the Cellular Digital Packet Data. The US Cellular Standard CDPD stands for Cellular Digital Packet Data. In 1993, the US cellular industry developed the CDPD to coexist with a conventional voice telephony system.CDPD provides the mobile connection of packet data to existing data networks.

Cellular Digital Packet Data

Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) was a long-range mobile data service that used the wasted bandwidth typically used by AMPS cell phones between 800 and 900 MHz for data transfer.

Speeds of up to 19.2 kbit / s were possible. The service has been discontinued due to the retirement of the native AMPS service; has been functionally replaced with faster services such as 1xRTT, EV-DO and UMTS / HSPA.

CDPD Network and System

The basic components of the CDPD network are: –

  • 1. Endpoint systems: physical and logical end systems that exchange information
  • 2. Intermediate systems: components of the CDPD infrastructure that store, transmit and route information

There are 2 types of end systems

  • 1. Mobile end system: subscriber unit to access CDPD network via wireless interface
  • 2. Fixed end system: shared host / server connected to CDPD backbone and providing access to specific application and data

There are 2 types of intermediate systems

  • 1. General intermediate system: simple router without knowledge of mobility issues
  • 2. mobile data intermediary system: specialized intermediate system that routes data based on its knowledge of the current location of the mobile end system. It is a set of hardware and software functions that provide switching, accounting, registration, authentication, encryption, and so on.

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