CDMA Full Form – Code-division multiple access

CDMA stands for Code-division multiple access. It is a Technology related term, Here you learn the full name and complete information of Code-division multiple access.

TermFull Form
CDMACode-division multiple access

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Full Form of CDMA

The full form of CDMA is the Code-division multiple access. Code-division multiple access is a channel access method used by various radio communication technologies.

Code-Division Multiple Access

CDMA is an example of multiple access, where multiple transmitters can send information simultaneously over the same communication channel. This allows multiple users to share a band of frequencies.

Uses of CDMA

  • Synchronous CDM (code-division ‘multiplexing’, an early generation of CDMA) was implemented in the Global Positioning System (GPS). This happens beforehand and is different from its use in mobile phones.
  • Qualcomm standard IS-95, marketed as cdmaOne.
  • The Qualcomm standard IS-2000, known as CDMA2000, is used by many mobile phone companies, including Globalstar Networks.
  • UMTS3G mobile phone standard, which uses W-CDMA.
  • CDMA has been used in the Omnitrax satellite system for transportation logistics.
  • The similar terms FDMA stands for Frequency Division Multiple Access. TDMA stands for Time Division Multiple Access.

How does Code Division Multiple Access allow CDMA channel reuse?

IS-95 CDMA and CDMA radio channels use coded channels that are uniquely assigned to each user. This allows multiple users to operate on the same frequency. This allows the frequencies to be reused at each cell site and sectors within a cell site.

How can I receive a CDMA signal?

A CDMA signal is generated by a wideband code sequence by dispersing code symbols at a rate of 1.2288 mcp (megachips per second). This propagation of the information signal provides a substantial advantage known as processing advantage.

How does CDMA work in Wireless LAN?

How CDMA Works. CDMA uses spread spectrum wireless networking technology – first developed in the 1940s for military communications systems because it spreads its transmissions over a large bandwidth, making it difficult to jam. The code tag then identifies the conversation at the transmitting station.


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