AU Full Form – Astronomical Unit

AU stands for Astronomical unit. It is a term related to Academic & Science and Units, Useful Terms and Definitions which we use in daily life but we do not know their full name, Here’s a list of important abbreviations that you should know.

AcronymFull Form
AUAstronomical unit
Category Units

What is full form of AU?

The full form of AU is the Astronomical unit. The Astronomical Unit is a unit of length, approximately the distance from the Earth to the Sun, and is equal to about 150 million kilometers or ~ 8 light-minutes. The actual distance changes by about 3% as the Earth orbits the sun, from a maximum to a minimum and back again once a year.

Assam UniversityIndian Government Central UniversityAU
University of AllahabadIndian Government Central UniversityAU
Andhra UniversityAndhra Pradesh State UniversityAU
Aliah UniversityWest Bengal State UniversityAU

Here you learn the full name and complete information of Astronomical unit, if you have questions and answers related to AU, then tell us your thoughts in the comment, know the complete meaning of AU in this article.

What does the AU stand for in Java?

AU is a short audio description, the standard audio format for UNIX audio files. The AU file format is the standard Java programming language audio file format first developed by Sun Microsystems. Typically, AU files end with the extension .au. It was originally headerless as it was simply 8-bit μ-law encoded data with a sampling rate of 8000 Hz.

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