What e-Citizen is and How to Use It?

What is e-Citizen and Why Use It?

e-Citizen is a digital platform offered by the Kenyan Government that lets you access various public services online instead of in-person.

It aims to make tasks like applying for government documents more efficient. Everything from ID card and passport applications to business permit renewals can be done through the e-Citizen portal.

How to Login to e-Citizen:

Getting started with e-Citizen is easy. Just go to the website ecitizen.go.ke and click “Create an Account”.

You’ll be prompted to enter some personal details like national ID number, email address, mobile phone number, etc. Follow the sign up steps and verify your new account.

Once your e-Citizen account is ready, simply visit ecitizen.go.ke again in the future and click the login link to access services. Use your email and password to sign in.

Top Services You Can Access on e-Citizen:

Some top applications you can use your e-Citizen account for include:

  • Applying for a replacement national ID
  • Renewing drivers license
  • Registering a business name
  • Filing taxes
  • Registering for NHIF medical coverage
  • Checking annual KCPE exam results

So in a nutshell, e-Citizen is the Kenyan government’s digital hub to help citizens secure documents, permits, utilities and more from any device. Sign up for an account to see all available services.

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