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Did you know that, the Government has introduced an innovative platform revolutionizing school administration?

Shala Darpan, a portal designed to monitor school activities and track student attendance, stands as a cornerstone in modern educational management.

About Shala Darpan Portal

Shala Darpan isn’t just a portal; it’s a catalyst for streamlined school operations. Created by the Government of India, it serves as a centralized system to manage various facets of educational institutions across the state.

Shala Darpan Portal

The Purpose of Shala Darpan

At its core, Shala Darpan aims to enhance administrative efficiency by providing a comprehensive platform for school management. From attendance tracking to resource allocation, it amalgamates multiple functionalities into a single digital interface.

Login page for Shala Darpan staff members to access administrative portal to update attendance, records and generate reports.

Shala Darpan Internship Program

Information about internship opportunities at Shala Darpan for college students to gain experience in education management and administration.

Shala Darpan Staff Corner Login Process

To access Shala Darpan, users need their designated username and password. This process not only ensures secure access but also maintains the confidentiality of sensitive educational information.

Exclusive information, resources, training materials and updates for staff members of Shala Darpan schools portal and attendance system.

Steps to Shala Darpan Login

  1. Visit the Portal: Access the official Shala Darpan website.
  2. Enter Credentials: Input the assigned username and password.
  3. Access Granted: Gain entry to a wealth of school-related data and functionalities. Official Login

Shala Darpan Staff Login Password

Official login page for Shala Darpan staff members. Enter your registered username and password to access the administrative portal.

Search Shala Darpan School Login IDs

Search for official school login IDs on Shala Darpan portal to access attendance and other records for schools.

Search tool to find schools registered with Shala Darpan schools portal of Government of Gujarat by name, location, district or other details.

Impact on Schools

The implementation of Shala Darpan has left an indelible mark on educational landscape.

Attendance Monitoring

One of the portal’s pivotal features is its ability to monitor student attendance. This real-time tracking system aids in analyzing attendance patterns, facilitating better interventions to ensure maximum student participation.

Streamlined Administration

From resource allocation to academic planning, Shala Darpan streamlines administrative tasks, allowing schools to focus more on education and less on paperwork.


Shala Darpan’s significance extends far beyond a mere login page. It symbolizes a transformative step towards efficient school management, ensuring better education outcomes for future generation.

Ready to explore the future of school management? Log in to Shala Darpan and witness the power of streamlined administration firsthand.

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