Cek DPT Online – Login Guide for KPU’s Voter Registry Check

Step-by-step instructions for accessing and using KPU’s online voter registration check system to verify your eligibility to vote in Indonesian elections.

Want to Check If You’re Registered to Vote in Indonesia?

Here’s How:

Voting is a civic right and responsibility in Indonesia.

To cast your ballot, you first need to ensure you’re actually registered as an eligible voter.

Indonesia’s General Election Commission (KPU) offers an online service where you can easily verify your registration status. Just visit cekdptonline.kpu.go.id.

To check if you’re registered:

  1. Click the green “Login” button
  2. Enter your e-KTP number – this is the 16-digit number on your electronic ID card
  3. Input the captcha code shown
  4. Click the “Login” box

You’ll then see information displaying whether or not you are registered to vote in the system.

If you encounter any issues logging in, double check that you entered the right e-KTP number. Make sure there are no typos.

This simple online check only takes a minute! Now you can confirm your voter eligibility leading up to Indonesian elections.